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Chapter 26 Sneak Peak

"I don't know what Kylie told you but that's not true. We were watching a movie and yes we started kissing. I desperetly tried to get you out of my head but it didn't work. I told before I started kissing and after that I loved you and I couldn't keep going. How did we get in this position Sarah? It's all because of me. At this point I realize that I love you so damn much. Everytime you smile, laugh, say my name or if you're just in the same place as I am, my hearts starts poudning twice as fast."

"But it doesn't work that way. Assume that I actually belive you the fact that you have hurt my feelings still remains." Han nickade förstående.

"Of course it does but I don't think you understand. I'm willing to make an effort and repair the damage that I've done."

"No you don't understand Justin. It will never be us."

Ooo spännande eller vad? ;)